With awareness of the danger of social isolation for the elderly — an AARP study compared the effects of prolonged isolation to smoking 15 cigarettes a day — EastView’s leadership is making every effort to meet the emotional needs of its residents. Heather Foreman, EastView’s Social/Resident Services Manager who lives on site, reports on life there during this global crisis of the coronavirus:

  • We are taking care of the residents as best we can at this point.  All of their needs are being met far beyond what would be required in an Independent Living Residence.
  • We have sent out a letter to the residents offering emotional support through the EastView staff. The Officers from our Corps Community Center are also available to talk to any resident who is in need of spiritual and emotional support. 
  • We have put together a packet of information for residents that includes mental health resources that can be accessed from home.  They are aware that they can reach out to me if they would like to talk. The full-time Lifestyles/Activities Manager who lives onsite is also available to address their concerns.
  • We are purchasing puzzle books, adult coloring books, colored pencils and puzzles as gifts for the residents so they will have things to occupy their time while they are isolating.
  • As far as meeting the challenges of caring for the residents, we are providing everything they need, including food and housekeeping services as always.  We are being extra diligent in cleaning the facility and educating residents about the coronavirus and social distancing.

EastView is owned and operated by The Salvation Army, an organization that has been meeting crisis needs with caring and precision for more than 150 years.